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    XPS M2010

    I just ordered the Xps gen 2 last week, it was shipped last Tuesday, which is the day before the M170 was released;thus, I can not change my oder anymore . Is there a major difference bewteen these two? I read a lot of complains about problems with the LCD in the xps gen 2 sparkle effect and light leakage, was this fixed in the M170? Should I refuse the X gen 2 and wait until I get a coupon that I could use towards the M170? I got a 35 discount, and I am afraid I wont get a coupon like that for the M170 for a while. However, the LCD concerns me. I ended up paying after taxes 2580 for a Pentium M, 760-2GHZ/2Mb/533 MHz, Tv tuner and remote, 1GB of ram, 100 GB harddrive, 8xCD/DVD double layer, Intel pro/wireless 2200,4 yer Premium warranty. Is this a good deal? How often to the 40 coupons are released, do you think you could use them towards the X170?