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Matt D. Burditt

What you should wear and should not on your first date for Comfy Tops?

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What you should wear and should not on your first date for Comfy Tops?
You have a Tinder date tonight and you are excited about what to wear! Be it a coffee date or blind date with someone you know, you should dress on point with comfy tops. It's all about how presentable you are looking, and how you are showing up a good conversation while showing your stylish way. Pick up clothes from Holapick and you are ready for your first date. 
·      What are you thinking of wearing on your first movie date?
Are you planning for a movie or dinner? During winters put on best women’s cardigans for being the keeper. Put on one piece, a flowing maxi dress or you can wear black jeans and a top for your first date. Put on statement jewelry along with few delicate pieces depending on what you want.  
·      The first date for drinks
Drinks and dinner can turn out to be cliché on your first date but what about your idea about the first date? Wear something tight-fitting, and also go for a charming look with eager in pleasing. Put on black pumps, a side body bag, and comfy tops and don't be too dressy for drinks. Keep your hair tied in a bun and give a subtle smoky eye look. Try out the simple choices and work things out in favor of you.  

·      What to wear if you are going for coffee?
When you are going for a coffee date, pick up tops from Holapick so that you don't look too formal and stay comfortable. When on coffee dates, put on something breathable, airy for starting with the conversation. Take joggers or the striped pants and give a finish with converse shoes, jeans, a casual T shirt, and the layer top. Keep your hair in a half bun or you can also go for a messy ponytail. Put on oversized glasses to complete the look. Wear with best women’s cardigans. 

·      If you are above 50, what you should put on?
Even if you are above 50, you can still go out for parties but you have to be dressed appropriately for that. Make sure the dress is classy and sophisticated showing your inner personality. Do not try to hide your age and just be yourself. Everything will happen in itself and you will have lots of fun.
Think of the places where you would like to go for your first dates. It might be a pub, a great food joint, or even a club. Dress according to that!

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